Listen To Me

Listen To Me

Listen To Me

They don’t know what they ask of me

They think they know they’re right

They change my world so freely

And offer me no insight

Into the plans they are pursuing

A bitter taste of night

That ego powers within them

To barge their plans through right

I stand there, before them pleading

A little voice in me

I ask them for their thoughtfulness

To be considerate of me

But plans are made around me

They offer me no insight

They change my world without a care

And offer me no respite

I cling to false hope dearly

As tight as tight could be

I pray they will see reason

And stop their journey right

They do not listen, they do not fight

They push their money home

I’m left to pick up the pieces

And tell them I was right

The black tower crumbles all around

They’re sorry they made a mistake

But reason abandons, ego pushes pride

And no acknowledgement draws light

I am too tired to deal with rubble

My weariness abound

I start to re-build around me

The structure of home is found


By Serina Hartwell

Author of The Hidden Saga

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