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I did an interview via email with Richard Gibney. I discuss my writing process and my inspirations with him. Here are five questions we covered. 

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Serina Hartwell Author of Hidden Answers Five Questions

Behind The Cold - Seen

English author Serina Hartwell’s novel Hidden launches a multi-book fantasy saga featuring a family that appears to straddle two worlds – one a suburban or rural Earth community, the other a fantasy realm.

What inspired your novel?

One day I had an urge to have a go at writing something. I just wondered if I could do it, the compulsion really strong. I sat down at an old computer that a friend had given me – a big bulky tower set up in an awkward place – and wrote a couple of pages. I started striking the keys, instantly finding a storyline. The weirdest thing, but it felt natural and comfortable. It got interrupted and I never went back to it.

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