Serina Hartwell’s Photography Inspiration – The Elements – Fire

Fire warms our souls and stirs the creativity within.

Those who play with fire, run the risk of getting burned, yet fire is the element of the creatives. It warms our soul and stirs the creativity within. Our whole planet thrives because the sun sends its warmth in our direction. It is our resolve to find the balance between too much and just enough to survive. The heat that burns within us is small measure of the creativity that extends from our footprints, for the fire that burns within us must eventually find an outlet.

Fire is the element which governs the lands that Luthruk rules. It is the element that depicts the inner core of Bronte’s foe and had great influence in deciding how this character would pan out. Below are a selection of photographs that I took, which help me to focus on the element that can whip itself up into many different forms. It is this element’s ability to change how it presents itself that determined my story line’s path, for of all the elements, fire is the most destructive is left unchecked.

Here are some of the ways that we use fire to our advantage, from the pumpkin that wards off evil spirits to the fire that keeps us warm and allows us quiet contemplation to ponder. Please take a look and tell me what you think in the reply box below. If you like my page, please don’t be shy, go and tell a friend about it.

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