Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Make 2014 the year that makes the difference. Have a prosperous and creative New Year.

Serina Hartwell – Author of The Hidden Saga

My Christmas Memories

A Christmas Library

A Christmas Library

This is what the Christmas holidays mean to me……..

My Christmas Memories

The paper is snipped,

The scissors are out,

Glitter is falling,

Light shining throughout.

Christmas is upon us,

The tree is lit,

The fairy looks down,

On Santa’s new mitts.

The paper chains made,

Hung high in the hall,

The baubles all shining,

Warm light for us all.

Smooth music surrounds us,

A warm fire is lit,

Smokey charcoal and chestnuts,

Mulled wine and candy sticks.

My childhood memories,

I bestow on my own,

Passed down traditions,

Of old times are sown.

Santa’s brandy is poured,

Carrot set on a plate,

A mince pie added for good luck,

And left with a goodnight wave.

Children tucked into bed,

They snuggle up tight,

Their eye lids heavy,

But sleep, they do fight.

Snowflakes are falling,

In the crisp night air,

As Santa’s sleigh glides gently,

High through the air.

Bells jingle so gently,

As he slides to a halt,

Presents packed tightly,

And hauled on his back.

He drops down the chimney,

Tiptoes through the night,

Treading ever so carefully,

He slips through dim light.

Next morning comes quickly,

At 5am sharp,

The household awakens,

Small footsteps tumble about.

Santa’s been they call,

To their bleary-eyed parents alike,

Come quickly, come now,

Let’s see how good you have been.

With paper and tinsel,

Torn off with delight,

Their joyous cheers,

Called out with their might.

Christmas morning successful,

Good will to all souls,

May Christmas cheer fill the air,

And carry good will in its wake.

By Serina Hartwell

Author of The Hidden Saga


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The Edge

The Edge

The Edge

The edge is where I seek comfort,

I approach it from afar,

I set my stall upon it,

Determines in deep refrain.

Pushed too far, pushed too close,

It beacons me to approach,

I try to hold my resolve in place,

But push, push, it welcomes me.

Its arms aloft and open wide,

I walk into its tender embrace,

I step onto the ledge,

And look down at the fall.

There’s nothing holding onto me,

To keep me from stepping off,

Tick-tock time chimes, it lays it on thick.

My worthless soul should take the hit,

Then tender arms surround me,

They’re strong, they’re warm and tight,

You pull me back and gather me up,

Your blue eyes offer hope.

You have the strength to pull me back,

To deal with my plight,

Strong shoulders to cry upon,

A strong back for my fight.

Hope is renewed,

The pressure grows thin,

I am saved from the edge,

And ready to begin.

The edge no longer calls my name,

I beat it, ignored its request,

Life is renewed, I start again,

What future I would have missed.

If I’d given up and lost my way,

If I let the edge have its way,

I’d have lost so much, yet to unfold,

Today I smile and walk away.

By Serina Hartwell

Author of The Hidden Saga


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