Serina Hartwell Occasions Photography – Halloween

Happy Halloween dear readers and followers. Are you going to get into the spirit of things?

I am a big kid at heart. I seriously never grew up on the inside past the age of ten, so when it comes to events like Halloween, my inner child runs riot. Every year I dressed the whole house up for my children, while they were away at school and could hardly wait to see their reactions when they arrived home. My children have grown up now and one would assume that they are very much past the whole thing, but I do receive complaints when I don’t make the effort and not just from my family.

I have to admit that I have reduced it right down to just decorating my window and front door for the trick or treaters who come calling. We celebrate with a bowl of treats and a scary movie now, but one thing I have noticed is that my children and better half still stick around on Halloween to answer the door to poor unsuspecting ghouls and ghosts despite complaining all the while. I suppose my children take after their mother in that their inner child also wants to play.

The spooky aspects of Halloween have always intrigued me regardless of the date. I have to admit that my fascination with the supernatural has also had a great influence on my writing, as you will soon see when you read my first novel – Hidden. The paranormal aspects to my story do rein throughout. I suppose I just like to feel scared in a safe environment. I hope I don’t raise the hairs on the back of your neck too much. Who knows, maybe it’s not so safe after all. I believe it’s always best to keep an open mind. What do you think? Do you have a ghost story to tell me? Why not write one in the reply section of this page?

I took some pictures last year and thought that as we are already in the month of All Hallows’ Eve, it might be nice to dress my website as well. So, please enjoy the pictures and tell a friend about them. Why not leave me a reply. I would love to know what you think.

To all you other inner children out there, trick or treat and Happy Halloween. Now don’t get too scared, will you?

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat


The leaves gently brush across the crisp autumn tarmac

Leaving a carpeted wonder behind

The clock strikes six and everything’s dark

Just in time for the wizards and witches


The hour has arrived for the treaters to roll out

Down the street on ghostly skateboards

Little goblins, little witches, little ghosts, little trolls

March down the street in the town


Trick or treat come their calls as they near

With a knock on your door outside

Little giggles play out as you draw near

As treats come out little hands come about


Happy Halloween to all and goodnight

Off they tread through crisp leaves with little time

To fright down the street with their rhyme

To haunt another with a knock and a shock


Their bags are filled high with a smile

It’s seven o’clock, a yawn edges onto their face

It’s been a good lot, now they’re ready to trot

Back home to bed ‘til next year

Happy Halloween and goodnight

Thank you for my fright

Until next year

When Halloween comes again


Pumpkin blown out

Decorations taken down

Treats are all gone

A quiet night can be had


We sit and reflect until a door slams

With ghostly hands

Oh my, oh dear

What was that?


Author of The Hidden Saga

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