Serina Hartwell’s Poetry – Sienna


The doorbell rang this morning

A princess she came calling

She swaddled me in love and kindness

Those blue eyes looked to me

She asked me for a favour

A cat she did want near her

We took a journey step by step

To find her stripy prize

She climbed up slowly, step by step

To find her destination

Big boots aloft, she climbed up high

Mount Everest we were bound

She neared the top and called ‘pussy cat’

‘Pussy cat where are you?’

Her prey stayed low and hid there too

She didn’t like her guest

Big eyes befell me, green and black

Blue eyes did follow suit

They looked to me to offer hope

That their true dreams wouldn’t elope

I looked upon them quickly now

My glance shot from one to the other

My heart strings pulled from my chest

As sense abandoned me

A brother’s call rang proudly

A brother’s call rang true

The pussy cat hunt stalled fast

And green eyes thanked me too

The shaking did stop quickly

The pursuit abandoned now

Blue eyes took me somewhere new

To chase her a new prize through

Her blonde curls did bound all the way

As the cat got to live another day

Curiosity took her somewhere new

To see some chickens, all bright and new

By Serina Hartwell

Author of The Hidden Saga

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