Books In The Hidden Saga

The books in this urban fantasy are:-



Trapped – The Hidden Saga Book 2 coming soon – Date to be confirmed

The books in The Hidden Saga are available from many more places and includes Kobo, Nook and Kindle. Click on the link below to purchase your copy in your preferred format: –

For Kobo, Apple, Google Play Books, Nook click: –

For Amazon Kindle click: –

Hidden – The Hidden Saga Book 1


Purchase Hidden at your chosen store in your chosen format.

Amazon – Paperback 6″ x 9″ ISBN = 9798848779929

Amazon  – Hardback 6″ x 9″ ISBN = 9798849357867

Kindle eBook ASIN = B0BCR5HSV5 

Kobo, Nook eBook ISBN =  9798201343521

Google Play Books – GGKEY:SB36E600QKU

Apple Books –

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy with paranormal/magic

Release Date – October 25th 2022 (3rd edition)

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