Serina Hartwell’s Poetry – Madison

The Angel


Oh child of mine, you suffered

In your plight to make it to my side

To walk, to sing, to dance among the flower

To be held so tightly, so loved, so longed for

Lost before your journey’s end

Taken back to the heavens and the stars

My loss breeds mourn for your tender heart

To walk among the souls

I feel you close to me, my tender child

You came to me and beckoned

To love you more, a love so true

I touch your essence longing for more

My heart is missing the piece that is you

That belongs in its tender embrace

My heart goes out searching, lost, withdrawn

And waiting for your grace

My heart holds dear, for the day we meet

On heaven’s planes it shall wait

Listening for your affectionate whisper

Until reunited we will be

By Serina Hartwell

Author of The Hidden Saga

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