Serina Hartwell’s Latest Novel and Pending Release

Trapped – The Hidden Saga Book 2

Latest Novel


Hidden – The Hidden Saga Book 1

Book Blurb

After standing up to a school bully, Bronte Hughes’s life shatters… along with her reality. 


A single act leads to a near-fatal accident, which sets closely guarded wheels in motion, leading her to fall for her best friend, Riley. But when he leaves her, she realises her world isn’t flawless. With everything unravelling around her, the cracks begin to appear. Added to this are the powers she cannot control; wild magic she is not sure she wants in her life. She is an outcast, torn between her need to reconnect with Riley and the overwhelming desire to hide from the world.


Join Bronte’s journey of self-discovery, where she learns a dark secret, her family has worked so hard to conceal from her. Will it save her life… or destroy it forever?



Purchase Hidden at your chosen store in your chosen format.

Amazon – Paperback 6″ x 9″ ISBN = 9798848779929

Amazon  – Hardback 6″ x 9″ ISBN = 9798849357867

Kindle eBook ASIN = B0BCR5HSV5 

Kobo, Nook eBook ISBN =  9798201343521

Google Play Books – GGKEY:SB36E600QKU

Apple Books –

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy with paranormal/magic

Release Date – October 25th 2022 (3rd edition)


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