Serina Hartwell’s Photography Inspiration – The Elements – Ice & Water

If only we could tap into this natural energy.

Water is one of the main elements featured in The Hidden Saga. It is an element that my main characters Bronte and Bayer rely upon to maintain their current existence. I first got the idea of using the elements that surround us when walking around a lake that I often visit, close to my home. I watched the birds glide over the still waters and wondered at the fact that there was so much going on underneath the surface that wasn’t visible to me, but I knew it was happening all the same.

Water surrounds us on all sides. It flows beneath us and carries its own energies en route. Our planet is abundant with it, but yet it is something that we take for granted. I liked the idea of its natural flowing energy and once I had decided what I was going to do with my characters, it was a natural means to an end. Take a look at my starting points and tell me what you think.

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