Hidden – Quote – The leaves on the shrubs around her leaned into her as she passed…

Hidden – The Hidden Saga Book 1

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The leaves on the trees and shrubs around her leaned into her as she passed. The magnetic pull between them was strong. She felt warmth, which emanated from a kindred energy she shared with the forest. Every nerve ending in her body tingled. She could feel the heartbeat of the Earth and forest around her, and instinctively knew she was connected to everything. A gentle breeze blew at her gown, carrying the watery perfume of the lake; it lifted the thin layers of organza, which drifted behind her. She was aware that her name was being called, but she couldn’t bring herself to follow it. Instead, she wandered forward, too captivated to worry about being disturbed right now. She was truly home, and she didn’t want this feeling to end. It was too good, like a new drug she craved more of, as she continued. Bronte knew instinctively, she needed to keep moving, and continued along her trail.

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