The Day The Water Element Took Charge

Serina Hartwell - Author

Serina Hartwell – Author

Boxing Day – 26th December 2015, saw the worst flooding in Yorkshire and Lancashire in a very long time. Annual storms bring regular flooding to the British Isles, there’s nothing new about that, but what is new is the ferociousness of the storms that are bringing the floods to our homes.

Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd, Halifax and Haworth amongst many other places, were affected by flooding today – 

I decided to take a little trip around the area I live in to see how bad things were. I had to wait for the water to subside and roads to open up again, so please bear in mind that I’m not reporting on the worst of the day. Coming home through Haworth from a birthday celebration in Oxenhope, the water level has receded. But the pub hasn’t faired too well.

The river at the bottom of our hill is just making it under the bridge. The level has subsided considerably; earlier this entire area was flooded. The river burst its banks and flooded Morrison’s petrol station. At least the road is passable now.

Taking a ride around to see the extent of the damage, here are some pictures of Bingley. Ireland Bridge remains closed, because of the water that fills the dip in the bridge. It doesn’t look too deep, but just as we were pulling up and before I had my camera ready, a Land Rover drove straight through it and I kid you not when I say that the water came up to its windscreen.

My heart goes out to the proprietors of the Old White Horse. I don’t know if you can see from the photos. I tried to zoom in, but the flood waters had filled the pub almost up to the bar. Water was pouring out of the pub continuously.

As we drove a little further up river, to the opposite side of Wagon Lane in Bingley, the river had burst its banks to such an extent that it had reached the pavement where I was stood and filled the full capacity of the surrounding fields either side of the flowing river’s normal course. It just fit under the bridge, which forms part of the main road. I assure you that these pictures don’t do it justice.

Further upstream, in Stockbridge, Keighley, the newly renovated Mother Hubbards stands in flood waters. The road is closed as a whole section of Bradford road is closed off due to being flooded. The river Aire, having swelled to such epic proportions that residents are holding their breath and praying for the rain to stop. I lived in the area for years, growing up, and set my book there. The river usually occupies approximately a third of what you see in these pictures, just to give you a point of reference.

The wind picked up and the rain still came after I returned home. Fortunately, I live at the top of the valley and could only look on and hope for the best for those living in the affected areas. My hopes and thoughts were with those whose homes hung in the balance and shall remain there whilst the rain keeps coming.

This news report covers what has been happening elsewhere in affected areas –

2015 has brought some real trials and it would seem that it hasn’t finished with us yet. At least two counties wait for the rain to stop and pray for the water to subside.


Serina Hartwell Author of Hidden – The Hidden Saga Book 1

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