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To celebrate World Book Day, I decided to have a sale on Amazon.co.uk. Hidden eBooks will be reduced to 99p until 8am Monday 7th March. 1 day left!



Hidden Quote

‘Bronte felt sick to her stomach and her heart plummeted; there was no backing out now. She was going to have to mount the swing, and hope she didn’t fall off. Riley and the girls gathered in closer, each putting a hand on her shoulder in support. Riley stood at her side. “Best friends forever,” he whispered, taking up his position. Bronte conveyed her appreciation with a single look. That was all Riley needed; he felt reassured that their bond was unbreakable.

There was a pecking order to the swing. The oldest and most popular boys always got priority over it. There was someone already on it when they arrived; they were swinging out into the middle of the great river and back onto the bank. The thrill was always there for them because the river was strong, and falling off was dangerous. Further up river by the old mill was a small waterfall which churned the water, causing it to froth and flow quicker at this point in the river.

They watched the older boy swing; his hair lifted as he cut through the air. He swung back to the embankment, landed and dismounted. He took up a position at the side, to watch what was going on. The rope swung backwards and forwards, until gently slowing into tighter and tighter circles. Riley looked at it with dread; he did not want to lose face here. He fixed his expression into a poker face, striving to give nothing away. All the boys he was trying to impress were here, watching his every move.’

Find out in Hidden – The Hidden Saga – Book 1.

For an emotional feast, hit the elements with Hidden – The Hidden Saga Book 1 is out and available to buy on Amazon – http://viewBook.at/Amazon_Hidden

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Allow me to take you on an emotional rollercoaster – Step into the world of Bronte Hughes and open yourself up to mystery, secrets and danger. If you would like to get a feel for The Hidden Saga, here is a link to an image board I put together to help me write the saga. Just follow this link to see what inspired me –https://in.pinterest.com/serinahartwell/hidden-httpwwwserinahartwellcom/

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