My 2 Year Published Anniversary


Serina Hartwell - Author of The Hidden Saga


Today is the 2 year anniversary of first getting published. Wow! Where has the time gone? 

When I look back over the past two years, I can’t believe how much has changed or how much I struggled to open that publishing door initially. Four years of writing, learning my new trade and trying to get published was all worth it in the end, however. I’ve met so many people in the last four years through writing and although I struggled and almost threw the towel in so many times, it has taught me one thing – I was born to be a writer.


My heartfelt thanks goes out to every single person who supported me and helped me to establish myself as an author. Especially to my family and extended family – once I adopt you, I adopt you as extended family. I couldn’t have come this far without you. You are amazing 💖 and I apologise for every time I was late, every burn meal and for if I forgot your birthday.

Becoming an author has taught me a lot. I’ve learnt that in order to keep going, you just make a decision not to fail and then just keep making that same decision every time you fail. There’s always room for improvement. There’s always something else to learn. The journey has been far from easy, but boy, what a journey it has been. So, thank you for supporting me through the good times and the bad. My journey is far from over. Hidden was just the first stop. Next stop – Trapped.

Serina Hartwell Author of Hidden–The Hidden Saga Book 1 
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