Hidden is Doing Well and it’s All Thanks to Your Support

I haven’t said thank you to my followers and colleagues who regularly support me in my writing in a while. I have big news to share with you!

Thanks to your continued sharing and retweeting of my posts and the steady build up of my readership, I have had a spell at the top. Hidden – The Hidden Saga Book 1, reached number 161 in my novel’s genre chart on Amazon and is currently being featured on 300 Book Drive‘s online book shop website @ http://www.300drive.com/ 

I would like to give special thanks to 300 Book Drive – the online book shop, currently stocking Hidden. They approached me to ask me if they could feature Hidden. I never expected for a moment that they would add Hidden to their main page, and I’d be so lucky to have my novel put on the same bookshelf alongside the likes of Stephen King and Harry Potter. I can’t believe how things are going right now!



You are amazing! I couldn’t do it without you. There have been so many times when it would have been easier to give up than to continue, but you kept me going.

Things are moving behind the scenes with the second book. Trapped – The Hidden Saga Book 2 will be out shortly, so if you want to get ahead and get into The Hidden Saga, just go to the online book shop – 300 Book Drive – http://www.300drive.com/ and pick up your copy today.

Here’s an exclusive taster of Trapped – The Hidden Saga Book 2

What do you do when you put your trust in the wrong person?

Bronte Hughes’s prom is supposed to be a milestone that marks the end to a happy childhood and the beginning of her adulthood, but an unscheduled knock on the door brings untold danger.

As her past catches up with her, she realises that she’s in great danger, and Ireland offers her no more sanctuary. Cornered, she cannot escape her destiny, and must face her pursuers. But will she face them alone?

Find out what happens to Bronte, as her father is attacked and her mother taken to Patoregy. She must rescue her mother before the end of the third moon’s eclipse, while fighting to escape her own perilous fate.

Thank you!

Step into my world and let me take you on a journey…

Serina Hartwell – Author of The Hidden Saga









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