Hidden – Quote – She couldn’t Face Going Home…

Hidden – Book 1 of The Hidden Saga

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She couldn’t face going home. Her brain needed to process what had just happened to her. Painfully, she hauled herself on to her feet, and gathered her things from the path. Regan had emptied all her things out, onto the ground. She bent down to pick up her pencil case, when a car came around the bend, screeching to a halt, barely missing her. Bronte stood up, and staggered a little, blood dripping down her face. Clutching her things to her chest, it occurred to her what a lucky escape she’d just had. Her pendant had slipped outside her shirt, dangling as she stood up. She fed it back inside. As she looked up, the angry driver was shouting at her, until Bronte raised her face high enough for him to see she was bleeding. He took one look and fell silent, snapping out of his rage. Bronte ran straight into the woods. The driver called after her, trying to apologise, but she never turned back… she just kept on running.

Serina Hartwell currently working on Trapped – Book 2.

Step into my world and let me take you on a journey…

Trapped – Coming soon!

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