Hidden Inspiration – Take a Look at What Inspired me to Write the Award Winning Hidden – The Hidden Saga Book 1

The one thing I am asked about more than anything else is where I get my inspiration from. I gain inspiration from many places but find that pictures can speak a thousand words, so I create inspiration boards to help me put storylines together and to get an idea of the direction I want to take a novel. I gathered a selection of other artist’s photography that helped to inspire me to write The Hidden Saga. Follow this link to view my board for Hidden – The Hidden Saga Book 1:-

Find out what happens in Hidden – The Hidden Saga – Book 1 by getting your copy today.

Hidden is the official selection of the 2017 New Apple Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing – Young Adult General Fiction category.

and the

official selection of the 2017 New Apple Summer eBook Awards – Young Adult General Fiction categoryhttp://www.newappleliterary.com/2017ebook/2017ebookCat26.html


Hidden – Book 1 of The Hidden Saga, available now from Amazon – http://viewBook.at/Amazon_Hidden or 300 Book Drive – http://www.300drive.com and many other retailers. Take a look and lose yourself.

Step into my world and let me take you on a journey…

Serina Hartwell – Author of The Hidden Saga


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