Hidden – Announcement – Sad Times are Afoot…

Unfortunately, sad times are afoot; my computer has packed up taking my work with it without even leaving me a dear John. The breakdown was completely unexpected and has left me in a position that I can’t continue my blog for a while.

I am unable to create the artworks that go into the posts I send out daily until I’m able to resolve this issue. Please bear with me while I attempt to retrieve what I can and save for a new computer. It’s such a shame that technology is standing in the way of getting my work out to you but it is what it is. I can’t express enough how frustrating this is.

This post is being sent via my phone and it is a way forward, although not ideal, so I will be taking a period out to work on moving forward with this because it is important to me that I maintain the high quality posts that I currently send out maintaining the standard that you have come to expect.

In the meantime if you don’t already have your copy of Hidden – The Hidden Saga – Book 1.

Official selection of the 2017 New Apple Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing – Young Adult Fantasy category – http://www.newappleliterary.com/2017awards/2017awardsCat19.html

Official selection of the 2017 New Apple Summer eBook Awards – Young Adult General Fiction category – http://www.newappleliterary.com/2017ebook/2017ebookCat26.html

It’s available to buy on Amazon –

http://viewBook.at/Amazon_Hidden or 300 Book Drive – http://www.300drive.com/

#‎Free on ‪#‎KindleUnlimited

Allow me to take you on an emotional rollercoaster – Step into the world of Bronte Hughes and open yourself up to mystery, secrets and danger. If you would like to get a feel for The Hidden Saga, here is a link to an image board I put together to help me write the saga. Just follow this link to see what inspired me – https://in.pinterest.com/serinahartwell/hidden-httpwwwserinahartwellcom/ Don’t forget to share your thoughts and leave me a review on Amazon and Goodreads. I can’t wait to read what you think.


You can help me by sharing this post. Thank you for your continued support.

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Trapped – Coming soon!

Serina Hartwell Author of The Hidden Saga


Goodreads Author


Amazon – http://viewauthor.at/Serina_Hartwell

300 Book Drive – http://www.300drive.com

3 thoughts on “Hidden – Announcement – Sad Times are Afoot…

    • I have someone going to take a look for me. Please keep everything crossed because I’d just finished a month’s worth of artworks which aren’t backed up anywhere because I was working on them when it crashed. I’m already behind and to have to repeat everything will keep me out even longer. Thank you for taking the time out to comment and support me. I really appreciate it and especially at the moment.


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