Hidden – Fire – As Darkness Falls Who Lurks In The Dark?


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As darkness falls, who lurks in the dark?


‘Her bedroom door slowly opened, creaking as it went. She gasped, and tried to scream, but her voice escaped her, and her scream fell silent. She could see the figure in the door again. He was beckoning her to follow him. It’s him again, he’s here. What does he want?

Bronte tried to resist, but her legs were already climbing out of bed. She had no control when she heard her name called again. It sounded so close, that the sound of her name filled her head. An icy shiver crept over her entire body, and the hairs on the back of her neck stood-on-end, as she walked towards the man in the pin-striped suit, standing in the doorway.’

Find out in Hidden – The Hidden Saga – Book 1.

For an emotional feast, hit the elements with Hidden – The Hidden Saga Book 1 is out and available to buy on Amazon – http://viewBook.at/Amazon_Hidden

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Allow me to take you on an emotional rollercoaster – Step into the world of Bronte Hughes and open yourself up to mystery, secrets and danger. If you would like to get a feel for The Hidden Saga, here is a link to an image board I put together to help me write the saga. Just follow this link to see what inspired me – https://in.pinterest.com/serinahartwell/hidden-httpwwwserinahartwellcom/
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Serina Hartwell Author of Hidden–The Hidden Saga Book 1
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