Hidden – Earth -Can A Dare Change Bronte’s Life Forever?


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Can a dare change Bronte’s life forever?


‘Regan looked at her blankly at first, then began to laugh, as realisation struck her like a bolt of lightning. The crowd was beginning to get restless, as they became impatient. They had been promised action. Someone at the back of the crowd shouted “Get on with it already!” The voice sounded distant; Bronte couldn’t make out who had said it.

“She thinks that the dare is to swing out over the river!” Regan shouted, turning towards the crowd, laughing hysterically. People started to question what they were here to watch. Riley could see she was losing the crowd and his colour started to come back as he breathed a sigh of relief, losing some of his composure in the process. Bronte let go of the rope looking confused.

“What is it then?” came another voice, closer this time.

Clouds gathered more readily now, as the sun dipped behind them. The atmosphere grew still, as silence fell amongst the throng. The sky dimmed as Regan walked over to a small mound of sandy soil, taking centre stage. Bronte noticed the breeze had suddenly breathed its last breath, as an eerie stillness encompassed the area. The leaves on Old Nelson grew still and the dappled sunlight disappeared. It felt like even the earth was holding its breath, waiting in anticipation to hear what Regan had to say.

Find out in Hidden – The Hidden Saga – Book 1.

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Allow me to take you on an emotional rollercoaster – Step into the world of Bronte Hughes and open yourself up to mystery, secrets and danger. If you would like to get a feel for The Hidden Saga, here is a link to an image board I put together to help me write the saga. Just follow this link to see what inspired me –https://in.pinterest.com/serinahartwell/hidden-httpwwwserinahartwellcom/
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