Happy Halloween 2014

IMG_20141031_175314I have to admit to being the biggest kid when it comes to Halloween. I think it’s the thing I look forward to most throughout the year, because I love the atmosphere it creates.

Every year, it was always my job to take the children out, Trick or Treating, but since my better half found out how much fun it all is and how it allows you to revert back to being a big kid for the night, he has taken over the Halloween preparations.IMAG7777_1

I tried to stop trimming the house for a year or two, because my children had grown out of it, but soon received complaints from the neighbourhood kids. They knew that they could always come to our home and receive a warm welcome, knowing that we always got into the spirit of things, so here is this year’s window and my daughter has finally gone back to adorning a costume, albeit for a party.

So, all that remains is for me to wish you all a fantastic and Happy Halloween.

Serina Hartwell – Author of Hidden – Book 1 of The Hidden Saga





All dimples and cheeks,

And smiles and blue eyes,

With your soft blond hair,

That halos your face.

Your little play truck,

That whistles and chimes,

As you crawl with your plates,

Rubbing the ground.

One year has passed,

A toddler before me,

You’re ready to walk,

But not quite yet.

Your birthday cake ready,

The candle is lit,

A big blow delivered,

It’s time for a kiss.

Happy birthday dear Mylo,

You’re as sweet as your cake,

And growing up,

At an incredible pace.

Your presence is calming,

Tender and sweet,

Can’t wait for a cuddle,

The next time we meet.

By Serina Hartwell

Author of The Hidden Saga


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