Footprints – Christopher Lee 1922 – 2015

Childhood leaves us with great memories, which we hold onto and carry throughout the rest of our lives. Those that leave a lasting impression don’t necessarily have to have been a massive part of our lives, but they do have to have been important. Babysitting my younger brother, while my parents managed a few precious hours together out of the house, while watching the late scary movies that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to watch, brought memories of Christopher Lee, in what I consider to be his greatest role – Dracula.
Many a shiver was sent down my young teenage spine as my brother and I stayed up late to watch him deliver his performance, never ceasing to excite or satisfy that need to be frightened in the comfort of our armchairs. Christopher Lee, played many roles over the years, some more memorable than others, but his latest that caught my eye was his portrayal of Saruman, in Lord Of The Rings. Christopher’s ability to portray pure evil was unsurpassed and that is what will always stay with me.
Christopher Lee, a fine actor who will always leave his footprint on my life and will be sorely missed, died today, aged 93. Rest in peace.
Serina Hartwell – Author of The Hidden Saga

Acknowledgement Of A Devoted Grandmother

Grandma 1974Today we say goodbye to my grandmother, Mary, who sadly died this morning. Watching her fight for her life over the last month, I have been reminded just how precious life really is. She gave it her all and showed the dignity and inner strength of the admirable lady that she was. A lady whose life spanned 94 years and had many tales to tell.

My grandmother was the source of much love and joy in my life and the lives of others. She was caring, unassuming and thoughtful, always putting the needs of others before her own. I will always look upon my grandma with fondness and appreciation, for the strength and caring nature she encompassed. She will be missed so dearly by us all.

The whole family and I wish to send out our thanks to the staff who cared for her in her twilight years and the hospital staff, who provided her care in her final stage of life. We would also like to thank all who have supported us with their love, prayers, and support and for all the kind words you have offered us throughout this testing time.

Mary passed in her sleep, having lived a full life and made it one of contribution and service to her family, her community and her friends. May she enjoy an eternal life of everlasting peace?

Mary – 1919 to 2014

Serina Hartwell – Author of The Hidden Saga