Giving Thanks To The Fallen On Remembrance Day

contentI would like to take a moment of quiet contemplation to think of those brave souls in all of the armed forces who have given their lives to secure my future. To thank those who presently serve their country to maintain the life I live today and those who will take up this calling in the future.

Remembrance Day is the nation’s way of giving thanks and showing appreciation for those who guard our safety and ask for no thanks, nor bounty. I would like to extend my thanks to those in other countries as well, for they work to ensure our safety too.
Thank you.
Thank you for doing this without any expectation for reward or thanks. Thank you for making it your duty to serve us. On this day, we, as a nation, shall show our appreciation of what has been done in the past, what is being done today and what is yet to come.
Stay strong, determined and formidable.
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To Escape a Moment

To Escape A Moment

To Escape A Moment

What water drips on my page of questions?

It lies bland and waiting for my hand

To wander through its distant pages

Of lands to be explored

The water drips down my window

Drawing me from my page

What story lies behind each raindrop?

Waiting to be collected


I travel, wander, fight and dance

As ink glides across my page

Where will my journey end today?

As water drips across my ink

My pen placed down I sit and wonder

At the place I have journeyed today

My heart is crying with tears I squander

As my journey ends today

Tomorrow will start another journey

Another empty page

Where will I escape to another day?

Another grey rainy day


By Serina Hartwell

Author of The Hidden Saga

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