Giving Thanks To The Fallen On Remembrance Day

contentI would like to take a moment of quiet contemplation to think of those brave souls in all of the armed forces who have given their lives to secure my future. To thank those who presently serve their country to maintain the life I live today and those who will take up this calling in the future.

Remembrance Day is the nation’s way of giving thanks and showing appreciation for those who guard our safety and ask for no thanks, nor bounty. I would like to extend my thanks to those in other countries as well, for they work to ensure our safety too.
Thank you.
Thank you for doing this without any expectation for reward or thanks. Thank you for making it your duty to serve us. On this day, we, as a nation, shall show our appreciation of what has been done in the past, what is being done today and what is yet to come.
Stay strong, determined and formidable.
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Paying Tribute To The Brave – Remembrance Day



Today, in the UK, we honour the armed forces, because today is Remembrance Sunday, or Poppy Day. Remembrance Day actually falls on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, but today the queen and the forces will turn out to pay tribute to those lost, past and present.

I would like to do the same. I would like to thank all those, past, present and future, who have given or will give their lives to protect me and mine. May I acknowledge those who have been injured in battle and have had their lives changed forever as a result. You are not forgotten, your service to your country and the rest of the world is always in our minds, even when it’s not shouted from the roof tops. I would like to send out my heartfelt thanks to every man and woman across the globe, who has either spent a career defending the world, or who step out into the unknown as we speak.

You bravery and dedication to the cause of keeping us all safe is admirable and very much appreciated. Today, I honour you with gratitude and thanks. May you stay safe and well and never lose faith in yourselves, for you are the difference to the rest of us.

Serina Hartwell – Author Hidden – Book 1 of The Hidden Saga