My Retirement From World Castle Publishing

Serina Hartwell - Author of The Hidden Saga

Serina Hartwell – Author of The Hidden Saga

Monday 5th October 2015 brought a very sad ending and a scary beginning to a new journey. I retired from World Castle Publishing and set out on the path to being an Indie Author.

I would like to thank Karen Fuller of World Castle Publishing for believing in me enough to publish my work. To Maxine Horton Bringenburg, for editing my first book, Hidden. Eric R. Johnston and Jeff LaFerney, for mentoring me and giving me the confidence to become an author. Sheldon Townsend and Denise Bush, I am so grateful to you for all the hard work you put into the promoting, Hidden. I really appreciated your assistance.

My time at World Castle has taught me so much and introduced me to so many other talented authors. I’ve made some wonderful friends along the way and will never forget my time there. A huge thank you to everyone who has kept me afloat when I’ve felt down, who’ve supported me when I’ve been stuck and who’ve shown me the way forward and had fun with me along the way. There are too many of you to mention, but you know who you are. There are so many hard working people in this industry who don’t receive the recognition they deserve. I admire you all and you’ve all taught me different things, but most of all to believe in myself and be determined.

Today, I set out heading for a new horizon. Who knows where I will end up next, but when we ask the Heavens for their help, the heavens have a funny way of replying, so hop on board, step into my world and let me take you on a journey…

Serina Hartwell – Author of The Hidden Saga




See the person not their colour

See the person not their status

See the person not their religion

See the person not their creed

Treat them as equals not as sectors

Treat them as one whole individual

Treat them as equals from the beginning

Treat them with respect and love

Work together not against each other

Build a future for tomorrow

Learn new things from those around you

And build a story as one

By Serina Hartwell

Author of The Hidden Saga

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I see the thirst behind your eyes,

The ambition that dwells within,

Waiting to escape its confines,

It sits there trapped within.

Always looking for an outlet,

An opportunity managed your way,

For a new chapter to begin,

Keep trying, it will happen someday.

Like the rising of an established flame,

You try to supress your needs,

You do it for those around you,

But need serves to hinder your way.

Stop waiting for that day to come,

And start to make it happen,

Take your ideas out of the box,

And watch them shape your day.

Soon your exit will be illuminated,

Hard work will line your path,

Creativity will be supressed no longer,

And reward will ensue at last.

So pick up a pen and a piece of paper,

A note pad, computer, telephone,

Go do your research and preparation,

Cause one day you’ll need them no more.

By Serina Hartwell

Author of The Hidden Saga

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The Wheel


The Wheel

The shutters are down

The air is thin

I search my heart

But I know not where to begin

I cannot settle east

I cannot settle west

I need a break of fortune

To offer me some rest

For where my heart is taking me

My talent can be pursued

But conversation fights me all the way

And persecutes my will

My strength is waning within me now

I fight to keep my way

I know not which direction I should take

To turn, to break away

I run from the wheel that grinds me down

The one that bears on me

I keep my tender straight and true

And head for freedom’s light

By Serina Hartwell

Author of The Hidden Saga

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The doorbell rang this morning
A princess she came calling
She swaddled me in love and kindness
Those blue eyes looked to me

She asked me for a favour
A cat she did want near her
We took a journey step by step
To find her stripy prize

She climbed up slowly, step by step
To find her destination
Big boots aloft, she climbed up high
Mount Everest we were bound

She neared the top and called ‘pussy cat’
‘Pussy cat where are you?’
Her prey stayed low and hid there too
She didn’t like her guest

Big eyes befell me, green and black
Blue eyes did follow suit
They looked to me to offer hope
That their true dreams wouldn’t elope

I looked upon them quickly now
My glance shot from one to the other
My heart strings pulled from my chest
As sense abandoned me

A brother’s call rang proudly
A brother’s call rang true
The pussy cat hunt stalled fast
And green eyes thanked me too

The shaking did stop quickly
The pursuit abandoned now
Blue eyes took me somewhere new
To chase her a new prize through

Her blonde curls did bound all the way
As the cat got to live another day
Curiosity took her somewhere new
To see some chickens, all bright and new

By Serina Hartwell
Author of Hidden The Hidden Saga

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Oh child of mine, you suffered
In your plight to make it to my side
To walk, to sing, to dance among the flower
To be held so tightly, so loved, so longed for

Lost before your journey’s end
Taken back to the heavens and the stars
My loss breeds mourn for your tender heart
To walk among the souls

I feel you close to me, my tender child
You came to me and beckoned
To love you more, a love so true
I touch your essence longing for more

My heart is missing the piece that is you
That belongs in its tender embrace
My heart goes out searching, lost, withdrawn
And waiting for your grace

My heart holds dear, for the day we meet
On heaven’s planes it shall wait
Listening for your affectionate whisper
Until reunited we will be

By Serina Hartwell
Author of Hidden The Hidden Saga

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