Quiet Interlude

Quiet Interlude

Quiet Interlude

I had a quiet interlude,

Of happiness, contentment,

But like a whisper on the wind,

It took off, it was gone.

I tried to grasp it, hold it tight,

But it was taken from me,

Removed, withdrawn.

Now I sit here, restless, mithered, wilted,

My concentration strained.

I clasp my hands together,

In the quiet desperation,

I gained.

Goodbye peace and quiet,

What do you want?

My sanity bespoke,

Thrust to its limits.

Why do you want me?

Why do you need me?

What quieted solace can I find?

I tend your needs unconditionally,

My soul is stretched,

My patience thin,

Please peace find me once more,

While I rest and regain,

My will to gather,

The energy to start again.

By Serina Hartwell

Author of The Hidden Saga


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