The History of Hearts

The History Of Hearts

The History Of Hearts

The things she never knew were left

Behind her the past that travelled so quickly

Like a speeding train it sped right by her

Never knowing what his heart wanted to impress

Peace will find him, but not for a while

The young girl on the platform waves goodbye

Her raincoat glistens in the darkness

Caught in the stormy rain

Forever searching to find that girl

She never ventured back

An opportunity lost, two lives changed forever

History, life, tracks, laid to the past

But fate isn’t finished yet, the tale isn’t told

For fate has another card to play

Light shines on the platform of the darkened evening

Once more she stands and waits

To hear his words, his feelings conveyed

Two lives on separate tracks

One story complete, a happy ending relayed

Life’s train delivered her back

For he waited and searched for his girl on the train

To ask her for her hand

He told her all those long lost words

The words she longed to hear

But time doesn’t wait and life keeps moving

A story beckons on

Life needs to keep pursuing adventure

While adventure carries on

He stands on the platform and waves at the woman

Who stands before him now

A smile on their faces, a heart in their hand

They travel off to separate lands

Regret for a day of untold feelings

A longing left to wait

For waiting left them to wonder forever

The history of two hearts

By Serina Hartwell

Author of The Hidden Saga

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Quiet Interlude

Quiet Interlude

Quiet Interlude

I had a quiet interlude,

Of happiness, contentment,

But like a whisper on the wind,

It took off, it was gone.

I tried to grasp it, hold it tight,

But it was taken from me,

Removed, withdrawn.

Now I sit here, restless, mithered, wilted,

My concentration strained.

I clasp my hands together,

In the quiet desperation,

I gained.

Goodbye peace and quiet,

What do you want?

My sanity bespoke,

Thrust to its limits.

Why do you want me?

Why do you need me?

What quieted solace can I find?

I tend your needs unconditionally,

My soul is stretched,

My patience thin,

Please peace find me once more,

While I rest and regain,

My will to gather,

The energy to start again.

By Serina Hartwell

Author of The Hidden Saga

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The Promised Land

The Promised Land

The Promised Land

Let your veil of welcoming arms engulf me

Take me to where you journey far

To the place I cannot come from

Let sadness hold me dear

For I carry the notion close to me

That my hopelessness has found

An outlet who will accept me

That journey I am bound


For my restless heart surrenders

Their words are lost on me

I’m sorry tearful visitors

A task I could not complete

Life’s great journey held me dear

To suffer untold pain

I surrender to the burden

Of expectations bound to grace


Life take me on my journey

Take me to a world that I have found

To where they cannot touch me

Nor follow in my wake

I tried to do my quota

To keep the balance right

But insincere were my masters

To promise me the hopeful land


I take these notions harshly

I bury my fears within

They shall not know how I suffer

Nor lend me a helping hand

I cannot offer plenty

I cannot offer more

They have but drained me plenty

Please darkness open my door


My thoughts are exhausted deeply

My muscles creak and groan

I have but nothing left to give

May my suffering end today

May the wheel of fortune turn once more

And offer a moment in the light

May opportunity sing its faithful tune

And take me to the promised land


By Serina Hartwell

Author of The Hidden Saga

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Listen To Me

Listen To Me

Listen To Me

They don’t know what they ask of me

They think they know they’re right

They change my world so freely

And offer me no insight

Into the plans they are pursuing

A bitter taste of night

That ego powers within them

To barge their plans through right

I stand there, before them pleading

A little voice in me

I ask them for their thoughtfulness

To be considerate of me

But plans are made around me

They offer me no insight

They change my world without a care

And offer me no respite

I cling to false hope dearly

As tight as tight could be

I pray they will see reason

And stop their journey right

They do not listen, they do not fight

They push their money home

I’m left to pick up the pieces

And tell them I was right

The black tower crumbles all around

They’re sorry they made a mistake

But reason abandons, ego pushes pride

And no acknowledgement draws light

I am too tired to deal with rubble

My weariness abound

I start to re-build around me

The structure of home is found


By Serina Hartwell

Author of The Hidden Saga

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