Listen to the Whisper – Destiny is Calling

I’ve realised over time that I was meant to get little installments which when I put them all together, made one big picture. You’re meant to work for it.


Follow That Path

This is the most poignant speech I have ever heard. In just a few short paragraphs, Steven Spielberg has described my writing journey so succinctly. He’s absolutely right, in that you don’t just wake up knowing what you are supposed to be when you get older. You determine this through the little nudges the heavens gives us in particular directions.

Life will eventually get sick of waiting for you to listen and will drop your destiny on you like a ton of bricks, like it did in my case, but don’t wait like I did – I was 38 – to have a go at what you always had a feeling would work out for you. Try everything until you find it. Listen to that inner voice and let it guide you, because we all know that we come a cropper when we ignore it.
Our lives are built around busy schedules and trying to fit more and more into each day. I kept missing the prompts, because I put all of that first. It took a brush with the Old Grim Reaper, a wasted career and some forced time out of my life to be quiet enough to hear that I was born to be a writer, so I urge you not to make my mistakes.
Let me give you one last piece to the puzzle…
You will know when you’ve found it, because you will open the floodgate and never be able to close it, not even if you want to, because it just won’t let you. That’s when you know you’ve found that last piece you were looking for.
Go out today, take a walk, listen to some calming music that’s just going to drift into the background or do what you need to do to just listen to your inner thoughts. See what they tell you, what clues they throw up, because they’re not going to give you all the clues at once. I’ve realised over time that I was meant to get little installments which when I put them all together, made one big picture. You’re meant to work for it. No one is handed anything worthwhile to you on a platter. Take a moment to reflect upon where you have come from and what brought you to this moment in time and see what full circle your life has brought you without you realising it. You might be surprised at what you find.
Don’t let age be a barrier either. Just go for it. Even just ten years ago, I would have laughed you out of town if you said to me that one day, you will be an author, selling books all over the world, and yet I’m sat here editing my second book, whilst touching up on the third book and planning my next chapter in the fourth. Even I can’t believe that all this is happening to little old me. The girl from the village with no writing contacts nor immediate influence and you want to see what I have coming next.

So what are you waiting for?
Trapped – Coming soon!
Serina Hartwell Author of The Hidden Saga
Goodreads Author

The History of Hearts

The History Of Hearts

The History Of Hearts

The things she never knew were left

Behind her the past that travelled so quickly

Like a speeding train it sped right by her

Never knowing what his heart wanted to impress

Peace will find him, but not for a while

The young girl on the platform waves goodbye

Her raincoat glistens in the darkness

Caught in the stormy rain

Forever searching to find that girl

She never ventured back

An opportunity lost, two lives changed forever

History, life, tracks, laid to the past

But fate isn’t finished yet, the tale isn’t told

For fate has another card to play

Light shines on the platform of the darkened evening

Once more she stands and waits

To hear his words, his feelings conveyed

Two lives on separate tracks

One story complete, a happy ending relayed

Life’s train delivered her back

For he waited and searched for his girl on the train

To ask her for her hand

He told her all those long lost words

The words she longed to hear

But time doesn’t wait and life keeps moving

A story beckons on

Life needs to keep pursuing adventure

While adventure carries on

He stands on the platform and waves at the woman

Who stands before him now

A smile on their faces, a heart in their hand

They travel off to separate lands

Regret for a day of untold feelings

A longing left to wait

For waiting left them to wonder forever

The history of two hearts

By Serina Hartwell

Author of The Hidden Saga

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