Nanny’s Poem


Nanny’s Poem

I’ll never forget your smile
Or the fact you came up to my waist
I’ll never forget your stories
Or the fact you acted with grace

Today you go on your journey
To peace and calm and love
You leave us behind for now
To be in the clouds above

Your laugh still rings in my ears
And chimes upon our time
Sleep well tonight dear Nanny
Rest well, my love

For one day we will meet again
And I’ll wonder upon your face
One day it will be my journey
To wander to your place

For now we are sad and lonely
Know you’ll never really be gone
Because in our hearts and minds Nanny
You’ll always live on

By Serina Hartwell Author of Hidden–The Hidden Saga Book 1
Goodreads Author

The History of Hearts

The History Of Hearts

The History Of Hearts

The things she never knew were left

Behind her the past that travelled so quickly

Like a speeding train it sped right by her

Never knowing what his heart wanted to impress

Peace will find him, but not for a while

The young girl on the platform waves goodbye

Her raincoat glistens in the darkness

Caught in the stormy rain

Forever searching to find that girl

She never ventured back

An opportunity lost, two lives changed forever

History, life, tracks, laid to the past

But fate isn’t finished yet, the tale isn’t told

For fate has another card to play

Light shines on the platform of the darkened evening

Once more she stands and waits

To hear his words, his feelings conveyed

Two lives on separate tracks

One story complete, a happy ending relayed

Life’s train delivered her back

For he waited and searched for his girl on the train

To ask her for her hand

He told her all those long lost words

The words she longed to hear

But time doesn’t wait and life keeps moving

A story beckons on

Life needs to keep pursuing adventure

While adventure carries on

He stands on the platform and waves at the woman

Who stands before him now

A smile on their faces, a heart in their hand

They travel off to separate lands

Regret for a day of untold feelings

A longing left to wait

For waiting left them to wonder forever

The history of two hearts

By Serina Hartwell

Author of The Hidden Saga

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